Geert Arien

Hello World!

What better way to start a programming blog than with what’s probably the longest running programming cliché. Yes you read that right, I said programming blog. That means if you came here to find out about some of the incredible insights I had this morning on the way to work or how I make the world’s best peppers filled with couscous, then you’re out of luck. So what can you expect to find here? Well, let me start from the beginning.

A "Hello, World!" program is often the very first program people write when they are learning a new language.

It’s been a long winding road for me to finally get where I am today. I’ll spare you the long story, but it includes entering and dropping out of university two times (both in the first year), working the nightshift for 9 months on the assembly line of a car factory, a year long training as CNC operator and finally working for 5 years as CAD/CAM programmer.

Somewhere around the 2nd year of those last 5 years, I got the excellent idea of going back to school to get an IT education. So for 4 years I did what at first seemed like an impossible feat, I combined a full time job with a bachelor education. And at the end of 2015 I quit my CAD/CAM job and left Belgium for a 3 month international internship in Madagascar. In May the next year my plane landed back in Belgium and in July I defended my bachelor thesis and finally graduated summa cum laude as Bachelor of ICT.

Now fast forward 10 months to the present. Together with my girlfriend, to whom I’m getting married in a year (but that’s another story), I’m living in an apartment in Borgerhout, a district of Antwerp. I’ve also been working for 4 months now as a C++ developer at an international company here in Antwerp. While one story has ended, it seems a new one has started, both in my personal and professional life.

Skyline Antwerp
Antwerp's beautiful skyline, as seen from our ninth floor apartment.

At my current job I’m building up a lot of valuable experience when it comes to working on large software projects. Such as the dynamic between the different teams and roles, as well as the decision making process. At the same time I also decided to schedule some time for myself to expand my technical knowhow. And that is where this website comes into play, it serves as a way for others, as well as myself, to track my progress and estimate my skill level.

I have a keen interest in programming, mathematics (what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than with pen, paper and a few equations right? Just kidding) and low level computer hardware. I’ve also, for years, been intrigued by the representation of 3D objects on a 2D screen. Working with CAD software for 5 years might have something to do with that, growing up in an era that saw 3D rendering booming and blooming probably more. And so, you can expect the following topics showing up in future articles:

  • C++
  • QT
  • Mathematics
  • 3D rendering
  • OpenGL and DirectX
  • CUDA and OpenCL
  • Unity 3D
  • Unreal Engine
  • 3D modelling

So if any of these topics spark your interest then be sure to check back often, my aim is to post at least one article each month. In the meantime you can check out the project section to see what I’ve been up to until now.