Geert Arien

3D Initials Logo

Every website needs a logo, or so they say, so I went with the incredibly original idea of turning my initials into 3D letters. Although I have a couple years of working experience with Solidworks and some experience with Blender, I decided to create the logo using Autodesk 3ds Max to broaden my horizon (and skill set).

Love lock monument MAS
The love lock monument at the MAS in Antwerp, a 10-storey museum close to where I work, was a source of inspiration for this project.

This simple model consists of a text object that has been extruded using a bevel modifier. After converting the text object to an editable poly, it was further edited using insets, extrudes and chamfers to get the desired result. Two different materials have been applied to the object using a Multi/Sub object material, a standard material for the outside plastic hull and a mental ray material for the interior glass section. Finally the two letters were separated from each other to change their respective orientation.

Logo collage
It took some experimentation with materials before getting the desired result.

Besides the text objects, the scene consists of two omni lights, two directional lights, a curved ground plane and a camera (obviously). The image is rendered using NVIDIA’s mental ray renderer and finally further edited inside Photoshop. The edits in Photoshop consists of small modifications to the shadows and the replacement of the background with transparency.

You can see the final result of this project at the top of this website. Or you can use the download button below to take a look at the 3DS-Max and Photoshop project files.